The Story

In the Summer of 2010, I was involved in a photo shoot for a high-end custom jeweler and the stylist asked if I would wear a fur jacket and a diamond necklace, I told them I would rather just wear the diamonds and NOT the fur because I am an animal lover and only support the humane treatment of animals. I then decided to have a fundraiser to benefit some of the animal organizaitons I work with. The name I came up with was “Diamonds Not Fur.” I asked some of my friends in the entertainment business, including my publicist, Ben Decker, and Avery Roberts who has a charity auction and events company if they would like to be involved with the event. They all jumped on board to help support the cause!

I chose the (SpcaLA) to be honored for their work saving thousands of animals lives all over Los Angeles. We decided to have Betty White who is the spokesperson for the SpcaLA as our featured guest. A couple months during the planning of the event I was asked to be the spokesperson for the West Hollywood “Fur Free” movement by Ellen Lavinthal and Ed Buck, who I then brought on board to join forces and combine support of the (SpcaLA) with the “Fur Free” movement.

So it all began. Hard work, determination and a passion for animals are what have put all the pieces of this charity event together. We need to help those who do not have a voice and cannot speak for themselves! I believe that everyone was put on this earth for a purpose and my purpose is to bring awareness to animal issues and causes. My husband and I rescue all types of animals and if we could, we would take them all in to give them a fresh new start. Since we are doing all we can, I am asking for your support in giving to organizations that make a difference on a large scale and joining my friends and I in supporting this worthy cause that is dear to my heart – The humane treatment and care of ALL animals that we share this beautiful planet with!

-Katie Cleary, Founder/ Event Producer “Diamonds Not Fur”

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